Even if we do say so, that’s a fantastic question! If you’re into character design, you’ve probably created a lot of your own characters. But you’ve probably only scratched the surface of what a character designer works.


Before we get into what a character designer performs, it’ll be helpful to discuss about character design itself. Character design, in general, is the creation of new, unique characters for use in computer or traditional art or animation. Toy manufacturers may hire character designers to create characters for their products.

Character designers start with a character definition found in a storey outline or script for a film, television show, video game, graphic novel, or book illustration. The Incredible Hulk’s character style is lifelike, whereas ‘Stewie’ on Family Guy is quite graphic.


The foundation of character design is 2D drawing. A solid ability to draw, particularly human and animal anatomy, is essential for being a character designer, whether by hand with pencil and paper or with digital sketching tools.

The following are some of the stages a character designer takes to create a character from the ground up, among other things.

To grasp the character’s function in the tale or script, they need immerse themselves in it. Specific to the script and character, research anatomy, costuming, physical surroundings, and time-related allusions (past, present, and future).

Examine concept art to get a sense of the project’s appearance and feel.
Draw. And then do some more drawings. There is a lot of drawing to be done, from first impressions of the basic look of different forms of a character through depicting each character version ‘in motion.’

Make the character believable by giving him or her a personality. While not a separate phase in the character design process, each layout must be more than just a character’s aesthetic design. Even if it’s done in stages, the design layouts must express a believable personality.

After characters have been accepted, the designer may be entrusted with designing a character model sheet that portrays the character from several angles.
Other layouts displaying the character in different stances or expressing different moods and emotions may be required for some projects. This is only a rudimentary description of what a character designer does. Get in touch with Max the Mutt College of Animation & Design today to learn more.