Character Design

What is the role of a character designer?

A character designer (also known as a character artist) crafts a character’s complete concept, style, and artwork from the ground up. This usually entails delving into the character’s mentality in order to form a mental image of the character’s physical characteristics.

It takes a lot of creative energy to create a full character from scratch (human or otherwise). As a result, character design is a difficult process that is typically one of the most sought-after occupations for budding entertainers. There is no “right way” to develop a character because every artist has their unique creative process.

Designing a character

However, the character design process usually begins with a character briefing. The protagonist may be a mutant turtle with ninja-like powers, or a regular person going about their daily routine.

A series of suggested physical or emotional features is generally included in this briefing, and the character designer uses those notes to begin thumbnailing possibilities. Rough thumbnails aid in fleshing out the many options available to the designer.


Once the artist has decided on one (or a few) thumbnail styles, he or she will usually paint more details to bring the thumbnails to life. This can entail experimenting with different outfits, hairstyles, facial expressions, and possibly weapons or props, if necessary.

The artist will then generate numerous various views of the character as reference materials after the character has been signed off. In animation, this is frequently used as a model sheet for other artists to use in their work.

Character design is all about taking a creative dive into the unknown and pulling back the greatest design that fits the character description. Creating Stylized Characters, which we previously reviewed, is undoubtedly one of the greatest introductions to character design. Our review goes into great length about the game, but to summarise: it’s a collection of start-to-finish character designs based on a variety of specifications that highlight how different artists approach the creative process.

Observing a character designer at work is incredibly magical, and it’s clear why artists adore this type of work. Even for your own personal projects, character art is a lot of fun. The characters were created by a number of artists who have their own webcomics. The same is true for self-published illustrators, as well as lone animators and game creators.

This is a task that you can do on your own and improve quickly if you constantly challenging yourself with new character concepts. In every aspect of entertainment, there is a huge demand for exceptional character actors. Every piece of entertainment, whether it’s a film, a television show, or a computer game, need fantastic characters. Those characters don’t just come out of nowhere.

Drawing a large number of people is the greatest method to begin practising character design. This aids in the development of a visual library of references such as clothing, accessories, hairstyles, glasses, shoes, and other comparable aspects that you can use into your work.